got a shark hook through the foot during the tuna action

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got a shark hook through the foot during the tuna action

Post  TJK on Mon Jun 07, 2010 3:36 am

Greenpeace activist injured in the encounter with the French fishermen
A Greenpeace activist was injured Sunday by a haikrok during an operation in the Mediterranean. The group was out of action returned to the fishing of bluefin tuna, when they clashed with French bluefin-fishing.

The injured activist, British Franck Hewetson, were flown by helicopter to hospital in Malta, not far from the accident.

According to conservation group, he must have gotten the tip of an entrance hall square through the leg.

Greenpeace said its members were out and tried to free captured bluefin tuna, which will be threatened by overfishing. The fish is a popular ingredient in sushi.

It was when they destroyed the fishing net of a French trawler and let the fish free, they should have been attacked with a knife by the fishermen and fishing gear.

Fisherman's Association said that the fishermen did not do anything wrong, and had an international observer on board, which is required to verify that the fishermen under report their catch.

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Re: got a shark hook through the foot during the tuna action

Post  Rodrigues on Mon Jun 07, 2010 6:29 pm

great info tore, not great for the Guy that would hurt wish him the best of luck with his foot


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