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Post  Rodrigues on Mon May 31, 2010 9:54 pm

Greenpeace Virtual

Welcome to Greenpeace Virtual 27y6fcz

Welcome to Greenpeace Virtual, We would be happy to have you join us! You can apply as an officer, join as a volunteer, Or talk about illegal whaling in the Antarctic, Speak Up about Water Polution in the Polution section, or just have fun and post around in the Small talk Section! We hope you will enjoy your stay here at GPV and we are looking foward to having you with us!

Greenpeace Virtual, This is a environmentally friendly Virtual Company, that helps protect our Virtual Oceans in Ship Simulator using the newest Game Ship Simulator Extremes due for release in August 2010. We help save the whales from Whalers and also stop pollution and destroying of the Rainforest's! We Hope you have a Great time with Greenpeace Virtual! Join in on the action, or become a Officer aboard one of our magnificent Vessels or just for fun Volunteer! Any contribution to the Virtual Oceans is well appreciated!

GPV was started in Late 2009 around August when a group of activists MMMMMM, Kapn Jonah, Matt5674, Captain.Matt and IRI5HJ4CK all decided to make a environmentally friendly Forum when someone sugested the Name Greenpeace as though Ship Simulator Extremes had 3 of the Greenpeace Vessels the MV Esperanza, MV Rainbow Warrior III and RIB Billy Greene. All of the mentioned ships are part of our fleet and including 3 More as the RPA12, Elbe and the P6 Police Boat.

Everyone is Welcome at our Forum and Everyone can do something to help the Virtual Oceans. Not only do we save whales and the rain forest but we also stop illegal Fishing and Stop Pirates from hijacking the High Seas! Greenpeace Virtual does not have any MP Severs at this moment! But we will start hosting Servers on Ship Simulato Extremes! When the Final Release is Open on the Market! Which Should be on August 24, 2010!


Sense you use the Greenpeace Name are you approved by Greenpeace?

Yes, We have already gone through legal issues about using the Greenpeace and have been approved by Greenpeace as long as we are not making any money. GPV supports Greenpeace in anyway they can whether it is trying to save the Oceans Virtual or in Reality

You went from a free hosting service forum to a Brand New Personalized Domain how can i access your Forum?
Our Forum can be accessed from the following URL: http://www.greenpeacevirtual.com/ and http://www.usvn.forumotion.com/ the new domain is a new addition to our growing forum, we hope that b buying our new domain that we are going to grow a lot more

Like Greenpeace to you sort out campaigns?

Yes, our campaigns that we are currently up to are Operation Kraken, Operation Greentail, Operation Bluetail and Operation Coral These campaigns all involve the Killing of Whales, Demolishing the Rain forest, Fishing of the Mediterranean Bluetail Tuna, and Pollution of our Oceans Coral Reefs.

Kind Regards,
The Greenpeace Virtual Team

Welcome to Greenpeace Virtual T5hflv

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